Transaction-Level Reconciliation
Experience complete transparency into every order, payment, and bank payout.
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Order Reconciliation

Get a complete snapshot of your orders in one convenient dashboard. See orders from multiple sales channels, platforms, and currencies, all in one place. Dig into the financial details of each transaction, including specific order information and reconciliation status.

Payment Reconciliation Details

Effortlessly track payments across multiple sales platforms, currencies, and payment methods. From the initial authorization to the final payout in your bank account, Blue Onion has got you covered.

Our intelligent system automatically matches payments to each order and refund transaction, providing you with a clear view of your payment processing fees, chargebacks, and cash flow.

Bank Payout Summary

With Blue Onion's payout breakdown feature, you get total transparency into your payouts. Delve deep into each deposit, transaction by transaction, and see exactly what's included. It's a game-changer for audits and bank reconciliation, helping you spot any data discrepancies in a flash!

Easily achieve full visibility
into your financials, right down
to each and every transaction.
It's that simple!
Why Blue Onion?
Seamless Integration
With our pre-built API connections, we seamlessly integrate into your existing technology stacks and workflows. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to smooth, efficient operations that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.
Comprehensive Reporting
Uncover valuable insights into your revenue streams with our powerful reporting capabilities. 
Audit Ready
Supercharge your audit process with Blue Onion's comprehensive audit trails and transaction-level reporting. 
Exceptional Support
Tap into the expertise of our dedicated team of in-house accountants, ready to empower you with training and valuable guidance on best practices.

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