Automated Accounts Receivable Journal Entries

Blue Onion's automated journal entries make it easier to close your books faster and more accurately, helping identify any data issues and discrepancies.

Audit Trail from Point of Sale to Payout

Blue Onion's automated audit trail provides a complete record of every transaction, from point of sale to payout, giving you confidence in the accuracy of your accounts receivable balance.

Why Blue Onion?
A Solution Purpose-Built For You
Accountant-built software reconciles high-volume, complex transactions from order to payout in the bank.
Turnkey Reconciliation Rules
Use our algorithms, which have learned from millions of reconciled transactions, to reconcile your data without writing your own rules.
Close Your Books Faster
Expedite your close process with our data engine, eliminating the need for complex, manual reconciliation.
Ensure Data Accuracy and Integrity
Verify each transaction with over a dozen validation and completeness tests prior to reconciliation.
Seamless Integration
Through pre-built API connections, we integrate directly with your existing technology stacks and workflows, minimizing disruption to your day-to-day operations.
Enhanced Visibility into Key Financials
Gain a comprehensive view of each transaction and its daily impact on your cash flow. 
Proactively Identify Issues
Get notified of transactions with data discrepancies, allowing you to quickly respond and address issues.

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