Order-to-Cash Reconciliation Automated
Harness the power of Blue Onion's AI-driven algorithms to automatically reconcile your transactions.
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Ready-to-Go Journal Entries

Effortlessly generate financial reports accompanied by expert-recommended journal entries.

Cash-in-Transit Tracking

Discover a concise view of processed funds that have yet to settle into your bank account, unlocking the power to delve into transaction-level intricacies.

Transaction-Level Reporting

Track cash flow from sale to payout in the bank account, transaction by transaction.

We are revolutionizing the way
accounting and finance teams
handle complex transaction data,
empowering businesses across
industries to achieve greater
efficiency, accuracy, and financial insight.
Why Blue Onion?
Automate and Reconcile Every Transaction From Order to Bank Payout
Our cutting-edge proprietary data algorithm automates the order-to-cash reconciliation process. It seamlessly traces each transaction, from the point of sale to the payment record, and finally to the payout in the bank account. Built upon a foundation of billions of reconciled transactions, the algorithm has developed advanced reconciliation logic, capable of handling unique or uncommon cases with precision and accuracy.
Total Automated Reconciliation
Harness the power of our algorithms, trained on millions of reconciled transactions, to effortlessly reconcile your data. Eliminate the need to write your own rules and let our technology do the heavy lifting for you!
Close Your
Books Faster
Supercharge your close process with our state-of-the-art data engine, eliminating the hassle of complex, manual reconciliation.
Ensure Data Accuracy
and Integrity
Ensure the validity of every transaction by subjecting it to over a dozen rigorous validation and completeness tests before proceeding to reconciliation.
With our pre-built API connections, we seamlessly integrate into your existing technology stacks and workflows. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to smooth, efficient operations that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.
Enhanced Visibility into Key Financials
Get a clear picture of every transaction and how it affects your cash flow on a daily basis.
Proactively Identify
Stay in the loop with real-time notifications of transactions that have data discrepancies, empowering you to promptly respond and resolve any issues that arise.

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