Automating Financial Data Reconciliation 

Automate your order-to-cash reconciliation and revenue recognition processes with Blue Onion's AI-powered software. We integrate and sync all your financial data from order and billing platforms, payment processors, banks, and other platforms into one.

Enhance Data Accuracy & Reliability

Ensure data cleanliness and accuracy by tracing each transaction from invoice to payment and payout in the bank account

Fast-track Financial Closes

Expedite your financial close process with automatically generated accrual-based revenue recognition entries for invoices and subscriptions

Streamline Financial Reporting

Easily visualize financial data with automated revenue reports, waterfalls, and journal entries

Direct Stripe Integration

No need to create matching rules yourself – we handle that for you.

Revolutionize your order-to-cash reconciliation and revenue recognition workflows with Blue Onion.

Powered by machine learning, our data engine automatically cleans, traces, and matches each transaction across systems, eliminating the need for manual data processing. Step into a world where efficiency meets simplicity.

We're transforming the way accounting and finance teams handle complex transaction data, empowering businesses to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and financial insight.


Revenue recognition
Blue Onion automates the recognition of revenue in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and ASC 606. This ensures that revenue is recognized accurately and consistently.
Order-to-Cash Reconciliation
Our proprietary data algorithm automates the order-to-cash reconciliation process, tracing each transaction from point of sale to a payment record, and ultimately to a payout in the bank account. The algorithm is built on a foundation of billions of reconciled transactions, allowing us to develop enhanced reconciliation logic for unique or uncommon cases.
Accounts Receivable Subledger
Our powerful subledger tracks order and billing transactions, payments, and bank payouts with efficiency and accuracy. It merges and unifies all of this data into a single view for enhanced reporting and easy auditing.
Blue Onion’s unique reconciliation process and transaction-level detail provide visibility into cash flow, allowing you to see pending cash transactions and verify key balance sheet accounts.
Automated Journal Entries
Use Blue Onion’s software to automatically generate your journal entries, reducing the amount of time and manual effort to produce financial reports.

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