Loop Return Reconciliation

What's Loop Return?

Loop Returns is a return portal that automates the return and refund process for brands and makes returns stress-free for shoppers.

What is order-to-cash reconciliation?

At a high level, it’s the process of matching customer orders and refunds to a payment, and ultimately to a payout in the bank account. This ensures that the data used to book key financial metrics can be accurately traced to a cash conclusion.

Blue Onion & Loop Return Reconciliation Overview:

Use Blue Onion with Loop Return to eliminate the manual and repetitive process of matching each order to a payout, refund/return and booking payment processor fees.

What are some top challenges experienced by companies when reconciling with Loop Return?

  • Significant accounting complexity with returns, exchanges, and upsells that can be difficult trace and reconcile
  • Creation and expiration of gift card transactions to handle certain transaction types
  • Limited visibility into cash in transit and how an order translates to a cash payout

How Does It Work?

How does Blue Onion reconcile Loop Return transactions?

Blue Onion connects to a company’s order system, payment processors, return services and bank accounts. The software algorithmically traces and matches each order and refund to a payment and ultimately to a payout in the bank account. By connecting all the source data and tracing each transaction, Blue Onion is able to automatically reconcile each transaction and provide recommended journal entries related to refund, exchange, and upsell transactions.

What information will Blue Onion be able to provide me?

What information will Blue Onion be able to provide me?
Blue Onion matches each order to a payment and to a payout in the bank account. The software creates an audit trail from point of sale through to the bank account, including payment processing fees, refunds, and chargebacks.

Does Blue Onion connect with other tech stacks related to our workflow?
Blue Onion offers connections with popular order systems, payment processors, other return and gift card services, and accounting systems.


Eliminate manual and time-consuming work with Blue Onion’s automated Loop Return reconciliation

Blue Onion automatically connects and pulls order and payment data directly from your technology stack, including Loop Return. All of your transactions are processed, cleaned and reconciled to a payout in the bank account.

Create a single source of truth for order, refund and payment data

Blue Onion brings financial data from your order system, Loop Return account, and bank account together, providing reconciliation and audit trails for each transaction across multiple systems

Reliable and timely data and anomaly detection

Blue Onion’s reconciliation algorithm provides clean financial data and flags when transactions cannot be reconciled, allowing teams to address issues quickly

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