Ecommerce accounting
powered by data unification

Leverage the speed and accuracy of Blue Onion algorithms to automate revenue recognition and make sure you get paid for every order

your team with the tools they need

  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming reconciliations
  • Get organized with a single repository of all sales and refund transactions
  • Generate bandwidth to focus on value-add activities

Improve cash flow with better data

  • Provide visibility into revenue and cash settlements
  • Identify opportunities to increase cash flow with metrics on fees and working capital levers
  • Standardize financial data so everyone is using the same set of numbers

Have confidence in your key financial metrics

  • Trace every transaction back to a cash event, the ultimate source of truth
  • Ensure smooth audits with a single view and history of every order across multiple systems
  • Receive notifications of exceptions and anomalies in transaction data as they are happening
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