Modernizing Order-to-Cash Reconciliation

Make sure you get paid for every order and reduce time to close the books - we follow the money from order to cash, so no transaction is missed during the reconciliation process.

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“Lifesaver for accountants! I love that the software is very easy to use (learning how to navigate is a cinch), very accurate (superb audit-ability), and that the Blue Onion support team is always available to help.”

Kristin S.

“Blue Onion far exceeded our expectations! Before Blue Onion, month-end close was a very labor-intensive process. It would take five days to compile the data, create journal entries, and reconcile payment processors. Now, journal entries are created on day one, and by day two, payments are reconciled. I could not be more pleased with Blue Onion.”

Lee L.

“Blue Onion has proved to be an incredibly powerful platform. Blue Onion provides a trustworthy order to cash reconciliation without using inefficient spreadsheets, while still being able to pull line item level details.”

Brendan M.
Head of TechOps

“Great cash reconciliation solution! The Blue Onion platform is so easy to use/navigate. It connects seamlessly with our POS and bank, which saves us time during the cash reconciliation process. We love this product!”

Angela M.

“Amazing platform and user friendly. Blue Onion takes the guesswork out of reconciling orders to cash. I can now focus on other tasks without worrying about getting behind on cash entries.”

Lani D.
Sr. Accounting Manager

Why Blue Onion?

Streamline Complex Business Operations

Whether it’s selling on new marketplaces, adding payment options, or return services, ecommerce operations are becoming more complex. We’re here to help.

Unify Siloed Financial Data

Blue Onion brings financial data from your order system, payment processors, and bank account together, providing reconciliation and audit trails across systems.

Keep Financial Data Reliable &Timely

Blue Onion’s data layer automates the manual, error-prone reconciliation process, saving you time and providing clear, trustworthy insights into your business.

Native Integration With Your Technology Stack

We connect with hundreds of order systems, payment gateways, banks, and other platforms, consolidating all datasets into one. No data is lost or left behind. Obtain an accurate and comprehensive view of all your data and automate your reconciliation today.

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Why Blue Onion?

Built for Finance & Accounting Teams

Reconciliation & Audit Trails
Blue Onion collects and traces each order from point of sale through payment processor and to the bank account to give teams a complete view of each transaction.
Transaction Level Reporting
Sometimes you want the summary figures and sometimes you need all the details. We show you both in a way that’s easily digestible so you can choose your own data adventure.
Built Around Accrual Accounting
Blue Onion is built to calculate everything from recognized revenue to cash in transit, so there's no need to wait for transactions to show up in your bank.
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Blue Onion Seamlessly Integrates With Your Technology Stack

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually pulling data.
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