Modernizing Order-to-Cash Reconciliation

Make sure you get paid for every order and reduce time to close the books - we follow the money from order to cash, so no transaction is missed during the reconciliation process.
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Why Blue Onion?

Built for Finance & Accounting Teams

Reconciliation & Audit Trails
Blue Onion collects and traces each order from point of sale through payment processor and to the bank account to give teams a complete view of each transaction.
Transaction Level Reporting
Sometimes you want the summary figures and sometimes you need all the details. We show you both in a way that’s easily digestible so you can choose your own data adventure.
Built Around Accrual Accounting
Blue Onion is built to calculate everything from recognized revenue to cash in transit, so there's no need to wait for transactions to show up in your bank.
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Blue Onion Seamlessly Integrates With Your Technology Stack

We do the tracking so you don't have to waste time manually pulling data.
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