Accounting powered by data unification

Make sure you get paid for every order and reduce time to close the books. Leverage the speed and accuracy of Blue Onion to collect, clean and reconcile your order and cash transactions.

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Have confidence in key financial metrics

  • Trace every order transaction back to a cash event, the ultimate source of truth
  • Standardize financial data so everyone is using the same set of numbers
  • Ensure smooth audits with a single view and history of every order across multiple systems

Improve cash flow with better data

  • Identify on average 2-10% of transactions with a cash settlement discrepancy
  • Visibility into how sales translate into cash settlements
  • Receive notification of exceptions and anomalies as they're happening

Focus the team on insights, not reconciliation

  • Eliminate 2-7 days on average of manual reconciliation work
  • Generate bandwidth to focus on value-add activities
  • Clean transaction data enables accurate and faster financial analysis

How It Works

Blue Onion collects and traces every order from point of sale through to the credit card payment processor and ultimately to the bank account to give teams a complete view of each transaction. 
Easily integrate with your existing technology stack