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"A-peel-ing" Team
We started the company as a group of friends with different backgrounds and different areas of expertise - that’s the type of culture we’re looking to maintain as we grow. We're always seeking to bring different perspectives and experiences to our growing team.
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Core Values
Shaping Our Team

Empathy for
Our Customer
Empathy for our user's needs and experiences is absolutely fundamental. By putting ourselves in our user's shoes we can better understand their challenges, desires, and motivations, leading to more meaningful and effective solutions.
Creativity in
Embracing creativity in approach is vital for sparking innovation and finding unique solutions to challenges. We foster and celebrate a culture that encourages creative thinking, so our team members can unlock their full potential and drive positive change.
Intuition About
the Product
Leveraging intuition allows us to make more informed decision-making and anticipate customer preferences, leading to the creation of products that are truly impactful for our customers.
for Every Step
Adopting accountability in the day-to-day is a core principle we hold dear, nurturing a deep sense of responsibility and genuine ownership in everything we do.

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If you share our vision and want to be part of the journey going forward, we'd love to have you on our team!

Benefits at a Glance

We take care of our team members with best-in-class benefits, including:

Comprehensive,health, dental, & vision insurance plans
Remote work
& flexible working hours
Unlimited PTO, paid parental leave, & paid holidays
401(k) plan
Team building events, offsite retreats, & more
What We Believe

Our goal at Blue Onion is not only to provide top-notch financial solutions, but also to create a positive impact on our team members, customers, and community. Above all, we’re passionate about driving change and solving complex data issues and processes together.

We believe that by creating an encouraging and inclusive workplace, our team members can thrive and bring their best selves to work every day.  Our diverse and talented team is the driving force behind our success - every layer is vital - and we are dedicated to supporting their growth and career development.

Join us on this exciting journey as we peel back the layers to make a difference!

What You Get

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