Eliminate Manual
Data Matching
Leverage our proprietary algorithms and native integrations to connect, normalize and reconcile complex datasets.
Revolutionize your organization's operations with our accurate, and intelligent data layer.
Our direct API integrations automatically sync with your data sources, centralizing all your data in one place.
Our data pipeline integrates with over 300 sources, from payment providers and banks to custom database, ensuring data reliability and completeness.
We flow millions of records through our data pipelines every day, so your financials are always up to date.
Our proprietary algorithms clean and transform disparate data schemas into one easy-to-use format.
We create normalization layers for each data source,  transforming raw API data into a consistent language using our unified data schemas.
Each dataset goes through 15 statistical checkpoints, ensuring the data is high integrity and high fidelity.
We perform over 13 regression tests on the data, ensuring completeness, robustness, and cleanliness through our reconciliation process.
Our three-way reconciliation algorithms leverage metadata and machine intelligence to match orphaned data between data sources, ensuring complete and robust financial data.
We run statistical tests on the reconciled financial data, looking for anomalies to ensure high fidelity reconciliation.
Access fully reconciled financials, with ready-to-use journal entries, subledgers, transaction-level reporting, and more.
We automatically generate journal entries, which you can filter and categorize according to your financial reporting needs.
All your reconciled financials can be automatically synced  to your ERP / General Ledger, speeding up your close to give you a fast, accurate financial picture.
Powered by machine learning

High-quality data sync

Blue Onion connects directly with order and billing systems, payment gateways, and bank accounts with our highly-engineered integrations. Every transaction passes a minimum of 13 data verification tests to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Algorithmic transaction-level reconciliation

Reconciliation is performed on individual transactions - not aggregate payouts. Blue Onion generates a clear audit trail so each transaction can be traced from the order system to the corresponding payment event and to its specific bank account payout.

Single source of truth

Enhance decision-making, improve cross-team collaboration, and reduce risk with increased data accuracy and anomaly detection.

Automated journal entries

Blue Onion’s software automatically generates journal entries, meaningfully reducing the amount of time and manual effort to produce financial reports.

Cash application for ERP clients

Easily verify the completeness and accuracy of sales transactions in your general ledger, and seamlessly reconcile them to bank payouts directly in your ERP.

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Order-to-cash Reconciliation
Our proprietary data algorithm automates the order-to-cash reconciliation process, tracing each transaction from point of sale to a payment record, and ultimately to a payout in the bank account. The algorithm is built on a foundation of billions of reconciled transactions, allowing it to develop enhanced reconciliation logic for unique or uncommon cases.
Revenue Recognition
Blue Onion automates the recognition of revenue in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and ASC 606. This ensures that revenue is recognized accurately and consistently, even for orders with multiple shipments or timing delays.
Transaction-Level Reconciliation
Reconciliation is performed on individual transactions - not in aggregate payouts. We create a clear audit trail so each transaction can be traced from the order system to the corresponding payment event and to the correct payout in the bank account.

Blue Onion’s unique reconciliation process and transaction-level detail provide visibility into cash flow, allowing you to see pending cash transactions at any given time and verify key balance sheet accounts.
Automated Journal
Use Blue Onion’s software to automatically generate your journal entries, reducing the amount of time and manual effort to produce financial reports.

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