Built for finance and accounting teams, by finance and accounting teams.

We know the pain of manual reconciliation because we’ve experienced it ourselves. We built the tool that we wish existed.
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Connect Your Key Systems
Blue Onion connects to your order system, payment processors, and bank accounts with our pre-built integrations. No engineering required.
We Standardize And Reconcile Your Data
We run our proprietary algorithms to trace and reconcile each transaction across systems.
View All Your Transaction Data In One Place
See all of your transaction data in Blue Onion, cleaned and financial statement ready
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More Than Reconciliation


Accounts receivable or undeposited funds

Blue Onion shows you a transaction-level view of what your open accounts receivable, which are sometimes referred to as undeposited funds.

Deferred Revenue

We provide visibility into order line items to show you exactly what was sold and if and when that individual item was fulfilled. Anything that was sold but has yet to be shipped to the customer, represents a deferred revenue liability.

Gift Cards

See gift card movements to ensure you’re accounting for each gift card that’s sold, refunded and redeemed. Gift cards are a great way to improve cash flow because you’re collecting cash upfront and then shipping the product at a later date, but keeping track of gift card movements can be tricky without an automated solution. 


We will provide detail into the refund transactions and can trace them back to the original order date. This way if you decide to accrue for refund transactions - or just want to analyze them - you can see the average time between the order and refund dates along with the average amount as a percentage of sales.

Merchant Fees And Chargebacks

We’ll show you merchant fees and chargebacks on a transaction-level basis so you can have better insight into the payment processing fees for every order.

Blue Onion Integrations

Real-time Integrations

Blue Onion easily integrates with your existing tech stack with our connectors. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up and no engineering  required.

Payment Processors

Marketplaces & Order Systems

Returns & More

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