Comprehensive solution designed for ecommerce

Blue Onion understands how transaction data is passed from your order system through the payment processors and ultimately to your bank account, enabling faster reconciliation and automated journal entries

Integrate with your existing commerce stack

Benefits of an intelligent solution

How Blue Onion Works

Data consolidation with real-time integrations

Blue Onion connects your existing order system, payment processors and bank accounts with our pre-built APIs

Standardize transaction data across multiple systems

Each order is traced and matched to a cash transaction, creating an auditable history from point of sale through payment gateway and cash settlement

Anomaly detection for order exceptions

Transactions that are unable to be algorithmically traced through to their cash conclusion are flagged for investigation

Accelerate accounting workflow with automated journal entries

Journal entries are available immediately so teams can book them on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis

Summary financial dashboards

Review financial KPIs in summary dashboards to identify cash flow opportunities