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Key Consumer Data Insight from 2023
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Blue Onion revolutionizes order-to-cash reconciliation and revenue recognition, harnessing the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.
Seamlessly automating the entire process from order creation to bank payout, our proprietary solution meticulously cleans and unifies data sets across a multitude of systems - order management, payment processors, and bank accounts.
With Blue Onion, finance and accounting teams gain access to dynamic dashboards, ready-to-go journal entries, revenue statements, and transaction-level reports.
As Blue Onion collects and traces each order, from the point of sale through the payment processor, all the way to the bank account, teams are provided with an unparalleled view of each and every transaction.
With our continuously improving machine learning algorithms, we have successfully reconciled over $6.5B in total transaction values to date.
An inside look into our methodology:
We normalized each dataset to avoid extreme outliers and biases.
After delving deep into the data collected from hundreds of industry-leading brands, here are some of the most intriguing trends our data science team has uncovered.
What We Discovered
Blue Onion reconciled over $4.1B total value of orders in 2023.
We traced each transaction, from the point of sale to the payment record, and finally to the payout in the bank account.
“Blue Onion has proved to be an incredibly powerful platform. Blue Onion provides a trustworthy order-to-cash reconciliation without using inefficient spreadsheets, while still being able to pull line item level details.”
Brendan M.
Head of TechOps
$ 4.1 B
2023 Sales Stats
Hot Season
November outperformed the average monthly revenue by 53%.
Cold Season
January, February, and September were the softest sales months overall.
Holiday Season
On average, the year-end holiday season (November to December) generated 21.5% of the year’s sales.
Outlier Season
May generated great sales in 2023, where it outperformed the average monthly sales by 9%.
Order Systems & Payment Processors
What We Discovered
⅓ of ecommerce companies are using Amazon as one of their sales channels and order systems.
78% of ecommerce companies offer PayPal as one of their payment options.

The usage of among the most popular payment methods stayed consistent throughout the year.

Credit cards remain the most popular payment option for customers, followed by PayPal, then BNPL.

We calculated the average payment processor fees as the percentage of sales. Buy Now, Pay Later has the highest fee compared to the other two common payment methods.

Buy Now, Pay Later
What We Discovered
On average, over 36% of ecommerce companies offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” as one of the payment options.
Order Volume
Discounts, Refunds, & Returns
Discount Offered
8 - 9
Among ecommerce companies, typical discounts offered were 8-9% in 2023.
Discount Usage
Among ecommerce companies, 33% of orders were purchased with discounts on average.
Gift Cards
Average Gift Card
Use Rate
Gift cards get used the most in January, with a 30% increase compared to the other months.

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