Case Study

Achieving Financial Operations, Efficiency, and Data Transparency with Blue Onion

Client Name
Perfect Snacks


Order Management System
Shopify & Recharge

Payment Processor
PayPal, Shop Pay, & Stripe

About Perfect Snacks

Discover how Perfect Snacks, a leading snack company and subsidiary of Mondelez International, revolutionized their revenue recording and reconciliation processes with the help of Blue Onion. By harnessing Blue Onion's proprietary data engine, Perfect Snacks effectively tackled the challenges they faced in reconciling ecommerce transactions and achieving precise revenue recording.

This case study highlights the best practices to tackle order-to-cash reconciliation and revenue recognition challenges from ecommerce companies.

Reduced Reconciliation Time From Hours to Minutes Each Week

  • Seamless integrations
    to order system,
    payment processors, ERP,
    and other ecommerce platforms.
  • Eliminated manual data processing.

With Blue Onion, we significantly reduced the time spent on reconciliations, and we could promptly identify and resolve issues before they escalated.”

Controller at Perfect Snacks

Discovering Blue Onion

Simone, Senior Account Receivable Manager at Perfect Snacks, shares their experience: "We stumbled upon Blue Onion when our Systems Manager forwarded us an email. It arrived at the perfect time, as we were struggling to reconcile ecommerce accounts. The email described Blue Onion's automated reconciliation capabilities and seamless integration with our accounting software, which immediately caught our attention."

Blue Onion is a leading provider of advanced accounting software solutions that automate order-to-cash reconciliations and revenue recognition for enterprises. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, Blue Onion’s proprietary data engine simplifies and enhances financial operations for accounting and finance teams.

Blue Onion streamlines, cleans, matches, and reconciles complex transaction data across multiple systems, including order management, payment processors, return service management, and banks. With a focus on data completeness and accuracy, Blue Onion provides companies with transaction-level reconciled data, accessible dashboards, ready-to-go journal entries, revenue statements, bank reconciliation, and transaction reports.

By seamlessly syncing with ERP systems, Blue Onion offers a comprehensive view of financials, empowering companies to make informed decisions. With automated processes, companies can focus on scaling their business with confidence, leveraging accurate and transparent financial data.

Implementing Blue Onion

Impressed by Blue Onion's potential, Chelsea and Simone made the decision to adopt the platform for Perfect Snacks' reconciliation needs. "We were drawn to Blue Onion's ease of integration with NetSuite, our ERP system, and the ability to consolidate data from multiple ecommerce platforms,"says Chelsea. Blue Onion seamlessly integrated with Perfect Snacks’ order systems, payment processors and banks, which eliminated downloading time from each system, and connected all financial data into the same place.

“Moreover,Brian, our dedicated Blue Onion representative, provided invaluable support throughout the implementation process."

Challenges and Benefits

"Before Blue Onion, our reconciliations were time-consuming,and we frequently encountered missing customer deposits andpayment discrepancies," states Simone. Blue Onion addressed thesechallenges by automating the reconciliation process and providingreal-time visibility into transactions.

Powered by machine learning algorithms, Blue Onion automaticallycleans and matches Perfect Snacks’ orders to their correspondingpayments, and ultimately to the payouts in the bank account so theaccounting team has a complete view of each transaction.

Simone adds, "With Blue Onion, we significantly reduced thetime spent on reconciliations, and we could promptly identify andresolve issues before they escalated."

Platform Usage and Features

"At Perfect Snacks, we extensively utilize Blue Onion's transactional-level reconciliation feature," explains Chelsea. "We can easily access and match transactions with corresponding orders, identify missing customer deposits, and resolve issues promptly. The integration with NetSuite enables us to download reports and ensure accurate revenue recording and general ledger reconciliation."

Through the automated process of reconciliation and clean data, Blue Onion is able to provide Perfect Snacks with the following:

Expedited close process, eliminating days of manual work in order to compile financial statements with the automated reconciliation and recommended journal entries.

Identification of any areas of cash loss with a clear and auditable order trail.

Visibility and reporting into how and when sales translate into cash in the bank account.

Flagging of transactions with cash settlement discrepancies so anomalies can be resolved quickly by the team.

Accuracy and Efficiency Gains

"Thanks to Blue Onion, we've experienced remarkable improvements in accuracy, efficiency, and transparency," states Chelsea. "Automating the reconciliation process eliminates manual data entry errors, reducing our reconciliation time from approximately 5 hours per week to just 20 minutes." Simone adds, "Blue Onion's ability to flag discrepancies and provide real-time visibility into payment processing ensures a more accurate and streamlined financial operation."

Best Features and Target Audience

"The standout feature of Blue Onion is its exceptional customer service and fast issue resolution," emphasizes Simone. "Their team is responsive, and they resolve any concerns promptly." Chelsea adds, "Blue Onion's user-friendly interface and integration capabilities cater to the needs of accounting professionals, especially those responsible for reconciling e-commerce transactions. It empowers accountants by simplifying complex reconciliation processes and allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks."

Perfect Snacks' success story with Blue Onion showcases the transformative power of the platform in simplifying revenue recording and reconciliation processes. With improved accuracy, efficiency, and transparency, Perfect Snacks has positioned itself for further financial success. The exceptional customer service and reliable support provided by Blue Onion have made it an indispensable tool for Perfect Snacks' accounting operations.

* While we are a team of former accountants, we are not in the business of providing professional services. The information presented is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional accounting, tax, or legal advice. We recommend that you consult with a qualified accountant, tax advisor, or lawyer who is familiar with the specific needs and nuances of your business.

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