Ways to Increase Productivity for
Hybrid/Remote Work

Working remotely or in a hybrid setting can be both a blessing anda curse. While some employers allow the freedom to set your hours and takebreaks whenever you need, the less distinct separation between work andpersonal life can lead to higher burnout rate, and harder to stay focused andproductive. Here are some tips to help increase your productivity at work.


Set Meeting Times and Boundaries

Setting meeting times upfront will help keep you on track andensure you don’t spend too much time in meetings. Make sure to block off timefor focused work. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed withback-to-back calls, which can lead to burnout.  

Various apps canhelp you stick to a schedule and stay productive throughout the day.Communicate these boundaries with your team so everyone knows when they shouldexpect responses from you. 


Prioritize Tasks

When working remotely or in a hybrid setting, it is easy to becomeoverwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that need to be completed each day. Tocombat this, prioritize which tasks are most important and should be donefirst, and then work on the less pressing tasks afterward. Breaking up your dayinto manageable chunks will help make sure all of your jobs get doneefficiently without sacrificing quality or taking up too much of your time. 

The Pomodoro technique can be a great way to prioritize tasks and break them up intomanageable chunks. This technique involves working in 25-minute sprints,followed by five minutes of rest. Doing this can help you stay focused on thetask at hand and avoid distractions. 

Moreover, goal setting is another great way to stay productive.Break up large projects into smaller chunks and set achievable goals foryourself each day or week. This will not only help you stay organized, but itcan also motivate you to keep working and make progress on your project.

Ask for Resources When Needed                  

One of the biggest challenges of remote or hybrid work is feelinglike you don’t have access to the resources needed to complete tasks quicklyand efficiently. Before starting any job, ensure you have all the resourcesnecessary for success—whether that includes software licenses, access codes,file-sharing programs, etc. If any additional resources are needed, don’thesitate to ask for them from your team or manager so that you can complete thejob quickly and efficiently.


Think Outside Of The Box

Working from home or in a hybrid setting makes it easy to get intoa routine and feel stuck in a rut. To remain productive, thinking outside thebox and creating creative solutions for problems is essential. Don’t be afraidto try something new or ask questions that can help spark new ideas and ways ofapproaching tasks. 

To level up skill sets, take time to explore and experiment. Forexample, using automation is an out of the box solution that can save time andhelp you stay organized. Each industry can benefit from automation in differentways, so take some time to research and find a solution that works best foryou.



Working remotely or in a hybrid setting has advantages andchallenges when it comes to staying productive and organized throughout theday.  

By following these tips—setting meeting times/boundaries,prioritizing tasks each day, and asking for necessary resources—you will beable to increase productivity while still staying motivated!  

With these strategies in mind, you'll be able to maximizeefficiency while avoiding burnout! 

If you want to empower your finance and accounting teams to worksmarter (not in a more complicated fashion), reach out to Blue Onion today and see how we can help you.